Ultimate T10+ HMB, Mid-Step

The Ultimate T10 HMB is perfect for getting out in the great outdoors. Enjoy hills or flat terrain for as long as you want. This sporty bike has an award-winning frame and high-quality finish. 

With an advanced ebike like the Ultimate T10 HMB, you want to be able to brake safely without thinking about it. Hydraulic disc brakes are therefore indispensable, as they provide the power and precision for controlled braking at all times and in all conditions, including when it's raining or the roads are wet.

The Ultimate T10 HMB is made for long, active trips, which is clear from the telescopic fork. It offers 75 mm of travel to ensure a more comfortable ride over rough roads and unexpected obstacles. The high-quality fork neutralizes the vibrations of uneven surfaces as much as possible, reducing fatigue and stress for the rider, even on extra long rides.

The Ultimate T10 HMB takes on steep hills rides and extended touring trips with ease. Equipped with Bosch's powerful next gen Performance Line mid-drive motor, you'll enjoy smooth support with up to 75 Nm of torque. And, with a high-capacity 625 Wh battery, no ride is too far.

The Bosch Performance Line gives you everything your cyclist's heart desires. Smooth and powerful assistance that will never let you down. With 75 Nm torque you can handle any terrain. Highly recommended for the demanding cyclist.

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